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Dr. Andrei Buna specializes in a new technique of non- surgical fat reduction using the SCULPSURE laser device at his practice in Randolph, New Jersey. He offers comprehensive, compassionate care to address women’s reproductive health, from pregnancy to menopause. He is one of very few providers in the area who provides minimally invasive robotic surgery for hysterectomies. He has been in practice for over 30 years and is a fixture of the medical community of New Jersey.

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Excellent staff. Friendly, intelligent, and supportive. These guys saved my life - literally and figuratively. Since going to them, the quality of my life skyrocketed, my health has gotten ten times better, and everyone's been telling me that I look happier and more alive than I had in over a year. Would recommend to ANYONE looking for the best care possible

Ossiana Tepfenhart

I have nothing but respect, admiration, and love for Dr. Buna and his staff. He not only exhumes in his profession, but strives in caring for his patients. His staff is friendly and very supportive. The day after my surgery, he came to see how I was doing. It was nice to actually see a doctor after surgery; and get this, he came by the day after that. Great bed side manners. He is awesome. His staff is awesome and I highly recommend him. Again Dr. Buna...Thank you.

Milagros Quintana

doctors are super nice, receptionists are super nice (which is hard to find), they call you back in a timely fashion, help you with questions, etc. best encounter with a doctor i've ever had

Vanessa Schwippert

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